Performance with John Whiteman.

John Whiteman is a Business and Personal Performance Expert,  Inspirational Speaker, Business Troubleshooter, Mentor and Author with Hay House Publishing. He has spoken on the same stages as Dr Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Robert Holden and Dr David Hamilton.

Most of his time is taken driving either Business or Personal Performance. Both are inextricably interlinked, where when there is an improvement in one area more often than not there is a performance improvement in the other area.

Whilst working as a Business Troubleshooter he realised that everyone has the ability to improve performance. Applying these findings together with streetwise entrepreneurial business skills, he managed to save over 100 companies in crisis.

His work is called The Way, which is a Map for Life offering simple solutions to many of life’s common problems. Helping you build a platform which culminates in your life and business flowing more easily. Flow is the optimum level of performance and it is often brought about by thinking and doing less, not more.

Now he trains people and companies to Be the Best They Can Be and has become an Inspirational Speaker helping people and companies achieve high performance across the globe.

Everything he teaches is his own work and developed from direct experience.

To learn more about John’s work on Life, Business and Performance he has two quick Free online tests. The first is a Happiness Test he calls the 9 Element Happiness Test and the second is for people with small to medium sized business’s called The Business Performance Flow Test. Both these tests are quick and will give you an insight into how to take the first few steps towards creating and being in a state of Flow.

To book an Inspirational Talk, One to One session or Workshop just contact John via this form link. Contact John Whiteman.

John can also be found on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, EFactor, Pinterest and You Tube.

‘If you took one small step each day towards improving your life and your business, imagine how far you will have travelled in just one month. Look to Be the Best You Can Be in everything you do’ – John Whiteman