Take the 9 Element Happiness Test 

Do You Feel Fantastic?

Since the release of my 9 Element Happiness Test, over 9000 people have taken part and the results have been amazing. I have been able to prove that there is a direct correlation between happiness and how many of the 9 Elements you bring into your day. By taking this short 5 minute test you will be given 4 scores which are linked to how much balance and momentum you have in your life at the moment.

  1. Balance – this score helps with clarity, calmness and an internal feel-good factor.
  2. Momentum – this is about the energy needed to move forward with your life.
  3. Being Present – this is about connecting with life in the moment and is of core importance if you are looking to live a happy life.
  4. Happiness Overall Score – These 3 scores give you an indication of your present state, creating awareness and a starting point.

When you know where you are it is easier to know where you are going. What you score in itself is not of direct importance as it is just an indication of where you are now. What is important is what action you take to increase or maintain your score. The main reason for this is that you will have a way, like a Map for Happiness, where you can clearly see and understand why you feel the way you do. If you would like to discover more about my work and how to increase your happiness you can obtain more information from my book 9 Days to Feel Fantastic (Hay House) or if you want to take action, allow me to guide you to a better feeling state with by taking my 9 Day Challenge. Currently from those 9000 people who have taken the test, 100% of those who do the 9 Elements and actively bring them into their day feel good or fantastic. Fill out the form to be taken directly to the 9 Element Happiness Test and learn more about The Way and the 9 Elements.

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