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Happiness and the 9 Elements

Happiness and the 9 Elements. How can the 9 Elements benefit my life? The 9 Elements are 9 simple things that form the basis of my teachings called The Way. When these Elements are brought into your life you will very quickly start feeling fantastic. They create both balance and momentum, which brings an internal…


The Importance of Having a Good Dwelling

Buying or selling a home is one of the biggest investments one can make in a lifetime. Entrusting an agent with a wealth of knowledge & experience is exactly what you need to get you through such an important moment in your life. When you have a hyper-local expert whom has your best interest at…

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Mind Chatter and Sleep

Ask John – Mind Chatter and Sleep Question: I go through spells of not sleeping where my mind will not switch off, can you help with this ‘mind chatter’?? John: The main focus of my teachings is to create balance in your Mind, Body and Spirit. This balance helps you to stay centered in the…

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9 Days to Feel Fantastic Book

9 Days to Feel Fantastic is a book about increasing happiness and fulfilment in your life. It is the foundation to my work that I call The Way and is published by Hay House. There are 9 Elements at the foundation of The Way, which are 9 things which when brought into your day will…


You are the Present Moment

In reply to a question sent to us at askjohn (at) johnwhiteman.com Question: Dear John, I receive many emails and articles which advise us to focus on Ascension. However I feel that true happiness lies in living in the moment. I love being here on this precious planet with all of its wonder and beauty…