Business Balance with a Structured Week

No matter what time you have at work it is always filled with endless tasks, meetings, emails, phone calls and to do lists. This is fine up to a point but is this effective use of your time? In the companies I have worked with I would estimate that all could work a 3 day…

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Mind Chatter and Sleep

Ask John – Mind Chatter and Sleep Question: I go through spells of not sleeping where my mind will not switch off, can you help with this ‘mind chatter’?? John: The main focus of my teachings is to create balance in your Mind, Body and Spirit. This balance helps you to stay centered in the…


Positivity and Negativity

In your body, Positivity feels light and Negativity feels heavy. You have the ability to amplify both of these feelings inside of you. One will lead to joy and the other to misery. Your Environment (Element 5) and your Social Connection (Element 8), can play a big part in how you feel. When you are…

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9 Days to Feel Fantastic Book

9 Days to Feel Fantastic is a book about increasing happiness and fulfilment in your life. It is the foundation to my work that I call The Way and is published by Hay House. There are 9 Elements at the foundation of The Way, which are 9 things which when brought into your day will…


What Do Children Dream Of Doing?

In January 2011 I successfully climbed the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro the tallest freestanding mountain in the world. Every year I look to do something special, something that I have dreamed about doing. It lifts my Spirits and creates such an amazing feeling inside. Live your dreams and do the things in life that you…


Beat the Winter Blues

Beat off the winter blues and feel great throughout the whole year. Over the winter months, cases of depression start to soar. In the northern hemisphere daylight is diminished and the tendency to be less active and to eat heavier food creates a heavier energetic feeling inside of you. It is important to note that…


Enjoy Life

The 9 Elements in Action Every day, bombard yourself with positive thoughts, and positive actions that get you feeling fantastic. Think them, feel them, live them. Write them down, breathe them in, and become passionate about them…… I appreciate my body and fuel it with the energy I need for life. When I get into…


Consciously creating the life you desire

Setting your intention stops the weeds of negative thoughts from growing because you have planned what you want in your garden and this clear purpose does not allow room for negative thoughts to grow. You have the power within you to be and feel fantastic. (An extract from our forthcoming book: 9 Days to Feel…


You are the Present Moment

In reply to a question sent to us at askjohn (at) Question: Dear John, I receive many emails and articles which advise us to focus on Ascension. However I feel that true happiness lies in living in the moment. I love being here on this precious planet with all of its wonder and beauty…


Handling Stressful Situations

When you are in a stressful situation and you are worrying about what the future may hold, it is important to stay present with everything you do. Turning a difficult situation over and over again in your head creates more pain and drains your energy. Worry and anxiety without balance often leads to a person…