The Way Business Ignite Process gets a Flow of leads to come into a company. It was created to systemise Lead Generation in a business and I feel it is the most powerful B to B Marketing tool on the planet. Based on our larger Lead Generation process called System 5, Ignite is a very versitile tool that focuses on one Social Media application.

Ignite is a totally unique B to B Marketing tool that connects brands directly with decision makers.

What you will learn in this online workshop will help you create a process for a stream of leads coming into your company.

It consists of 5 steps:

  1. SEARCH – We actively teach you to connect with decision makers directly through the worlds largest business social media tool.
  2. MANAGE – We help train you to manage data on a daily basis in order to grow a highly tageted audience that are highly likely to use our services or buy our products
  3. CREATE – We then create high impact content to excite buyers and decision makers
  4. COMMUNICATE – Following this we deliver content directly to this audience to strengthen our brands and directly deliver sales leads to close
  5. DELIVER – The key to any great system is to report and improve

Learn to implement Ignite into your business in this half day online workshop by reserving a space for two here Ignite Lead Generation Workshop




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