The foundation to my teachings about Life, Business and Performance have come directly from experiences as a Business Troubleshooter.

Being very challenge orientated in my mid to late twenties I decided to give up a career as a Property Developer and take on extreme cases of business crisis and see if I could save companies and make a difference.

For twenty years I immersed myself in situations which most of the time were deemed as impossible. Fortunately over this period I was successful in turning around the fortunes of over 100 companies.

During this I became aware of the inextricable link between our personal lives and business. In 100% of my cases when a company was in crisis so was the individual and so I began to work on making improvements to both areas with remarkable results.

“Business is simple it’s people who make it complicated” – John Whiteman

All any business needs to do is to bring in more revenue than goes out, irrespective of its size or sector and creating flow in this area is fundamental to business success.

Having now acquired great experience in how business really works I am now teaching this knowledge in 3 different ways

1. If you have a company in difficulty or crisis I am running a Troubleshooter Program which is One to One to create stability and then growth. It dynamically follows your current situation and speed at which improvements need to be made. It is phone and email based although in certain situations it becomes important to meet face to face.

2. If you are experiencing decline but not crisis or looking for growth then The Way Business Online Program is a group based workshop and will help you take your company to the next level.

3. Through Social Media on Facebook, LinkedIn and You Tube. Email or post a question and I will answer either directly or via a video clip.

Please do get in touch as for me it’s business and it’s personal.

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