The Troubleshooter Program is designed for people whose companies are looking for performance improvement, struggling or in crisis.

When a company is in crisis it needs dynamic action. Our objective is to stabilise the position so it can return to profitability.

Having saved over 100 companies in crisis I have found that how much you want success impacts how your business performs. Typically in a state of stress there is a desire to want to run away from a situation. In order to rescue a company I need you fully committed and wanting to take on board the challenge.

To read more about my work as a Troubleshooter here

The Process:

  • An initial two hour conversation to understand what the specific issues are and to discuss the objectives. Then more conversations arranged to discuss and implement
  • Financial Assessment and Actions
  • Marketing Assessment and Actions
  • Sales Assessment and Actions
  • Leadership and Negotiation Training
  • Cashflow Positivity


A total of 15 hours are designated to these 6 areas by way of video conferencing, telephone and email.

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